All of the projects are part of the Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory. We are a multidisciplinary research group within the Department of Psychiatry at the Stanford Medical School. Our laboratory is dedicated to the investigation of brain function and dysfunction using a systems neuroscience approach. We use neuroimaging (fMRI, sMRI, DTI, and EEG) as well as behavioral, psychological and computational methods in our research. Across a wide range of studies, our overarching goal is (1) to better understand the integrated functioning of large-scale distributed brain networks and (2) to understand how disruptions in brain function and connectivity impact behavior.

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Phone: (650)736-0128
Fax: (650)736-7200

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780 Welch Rd. Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory
1070 Arastradero Rd. Suite 220
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